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Welcome to Cloud 9 Tantric Massage

If you are looking for some really sensual tantric massage therapy in London then please check us out for either incall or outcall massage services. Not only do we offer a range of fully trained and experienced masseuses but we also have various different locations available in London for incalls and also for outcalls we cover at London hotels as well as a home visiting service.

As our name suggests, you surely will be on Cloud 9 after sampling some of our erotic and sensual massage services, but also our massage therapy can also be great to help contend with a wide variety of other issues from things like general aches and pains, helping to relieve stress and tension as well as a lot of our clients reporting that they now get a much better sleep at night!

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Benefits of Tantric Massage

Among the numerous benefits of tantric massage you can find:

The first benefit we have to mention is relaxing, it is the most common one but also the most desirable giving the circumstances surrounding us. Multiple sources of stress, alerting us and keeping us tense every day. It is the best therapy way to relax yourself and enjoy time.

Improving breathing techniques

The breathing techniques, called pranayamas, allows the person to move energy from one part of the body to another and enhances the experience. When performed regularly, Tantra massage along with these breathing techniques, will improve your breathing overall, and it will improve your alertness and exercising capabilities, which will help you a lot to improve healing time from injuries and diseases.

Another great benefit is you will learn how to discipline and control yourself. All of these will lead to another great benefit which is having a sound sleep, it is known that sex is the nature’s best sleeping pill.

Lowering the cholesterol, having the most relaxing sleep, improving your healing, relaxing at highest level, all of these, lead to a better quality of life.

What can be more satisfying than to awaken the senses and activate the whole body healing while exploring pleasure in new and creative ways?

Tantric therapy is perfect for letting go of your fears and blockages, healing yourself both emotionally and physically.

Of course that we can’t forget to mention the benefit of the erotic massage, which is improving your sex life, self confidence, and learning multiple ways to enhance your sexual experience. So if you are dealing with a low libido, sex related health issues or an unsatisfying sex life, Tantric therapy will help you solve all of the problems.

This kind of therapy allows you to open up and be conscious about your feelings and emotions.

Some other benefits of sensual massage are:

  • Improved immune system
  • Relaxed tight and tense muscles
  • Relived pain
  • Improved overall health
  • Improved libido and overall sex life
  • Improved spiritual life

Nowdays, sensual massage is known in the entire world as one of the most effective therapeutic techniques ever made.

Nuru Massage

One of our favourite new massage services is one that originates from Japan. Nuru massage is a very sensual body to body massage service which is carried out not with the traditional massage oils that you will be familiar with, but with Nuru gel which literally translates from Japanese to ‘slippery’ and that is exactly what Nuru is! A very pleasurable experience carried out only with the best quality Nuru gel at our London massage parlour.

Body to Body Massage

A body to body massage as the name suggests us a very intimate form of massage therapy. Our masseuses really are experts in the art of body to body or b2b massage services.  This will be carried out with both masseuse and client naked like most of our therapy services and traditional massage oils will be used. As well as using her hands the masseuse will as the name suggests use her whole body to glide sensually across your body which is of course a very intimate adult massage therapy

Naturist Massage

A Naturist Massage is also commonly known as a naked or nude massage and at Cloud 9 you will find that nearly all the services that we provide involved both the client and the masseuse being nude for the duration of the session. This is quite important in our opinion for the whole tantra experience so that it puts both client and masseuse on the same level from the beginning of the massage process.

Four Hands Massage

If you thought that a massage from one of masseuses was a very pleasurable experience then imagine the fun with four hands! For some of our more adventurous clients this is definitely an amazing experience and that is why we have so many clients coming back for this type of therapy. Four Hands is most definitely better than two and most will say that it really is double the fun!

Booking Your Masseuse

We are open 7 days a week from 10 am until each day and have a variety of different masseuses who are available. If you would like to have a look at our masseuses first you can have a look at them on the gallery page and you can get more of an idea about what services they offer. Once you have selected your erotic masseuse then all you need to do is to call us and make your incall or outcall booking.

For incalls you will simply need to tell us what time you want to book to see the masseuse although to confirm the booking for outcalls you will need to tell us the name and address of your hotel and room number and for home visits we will need to call you on a landline number and we will just need your home address.

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