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The Power of authentic professional massage

Massage therapy is now not only a lot more common amongst people for both pleasure as well as for those using this form of therapy for helping with different ailments that many of us suffer from. Perhaps the most obvious benefit to using this as opposed to going for traditional medicine is that it is […]

Massage as one of the best Therapies

One of the great things about massage is that it really is an ‘ageless’ type of therapy. Whether young or old there are still plenty of benefits to be had from different techniques which are practiced around the world today. It can be particularly useful to those that are ageing in the population and can […]

What is a B2B massage?

If you have ever been to a massage parlour, I am sure you must have heard about B2B massage. If you haven’t received one or if you are planning to get one, and need more information, read on. I will share everything about B2B massage including its benefits, when to get it, and where to […]

A sexy naturist massage with Cloud 9 London

Sexy Naturist Massage in London A Naturist Massage is also commonly known as a naked or nude massage (see more here) and at Cloud 9 you will find that nearly all the services that we provide involved both the client and the masseuse being nude for the duration of the session. This is quite important […]

b2b Massage London with Cloud 9

b2b Massage London with Cloud 9 A body to body massage as the name suggests us a very intimate form of massage therapy. Our masseuses really are experts in the art of body to body or b2b massage services.  This will be carried out with both masseuse and client naked like most of our therapy […]

book a nuru massage with cloud 9 today!

A Nuru Massage experience with Cloud 9!

A Nuru Massage experience with Cloud 9! One of our favourite new massage services is one that originates from Japan. Nuru massage is a very sensual body to body massage service which is carried out not with the traditional massage oils that you will be familiar with, but with Nuru gel which literally translates from […]

Cloud 9 Tantric Massage Blog

Cloud 9 Tantric Massage Blog We welcome you to the Cloud 9 Tantric Blog where we will update you on all our ladies working for the Cloud 9 massage agency as well as where we discuss how different massages can be of benefit to clients and not forgetting any special massage offers that we have […]

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