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Dark Tantra

Dark Tantra (Tie and Tease Massage)

A variation of tantric massage is the, ‘tie and tease’ method. This unorthodox method is not for everyone but those clients who do partake in this type of session find it not only relaxing but highly pleasurable.

Generally tie and tease massages begin with light bondage, possibly surprise touches and introductory domination techniques. It is important to note that the level of which you would like your therapist to perform at is communicated. A first time tie and tease massage receiver would like to start lightly in order to adjust to the plethora of stimulating sensations that will be washing all over their bodies.

Unlike other massages the tie and tease method requires both a psychological connection to the therapist. He or she will be in total control of you and your body, this intense relationship between the two people will leave one experiencing a dominated feel which for most men in a new and revealing emotion to feel. Surrendering your power renders you sensitive and open to all manner of tantalizing experiences.

The receiver will be brought right to the peak of orgasm or climax but they are not fully allowed to go over the edge until the end of the session. This allows the experience to be all the more erotic and exciting.

What to Expect with Dark Tantra

It is possible that a variety of tools will be used to aid the therapist to personalize the massage and bring you to the point of climax in the best manner that suits you. Tools such as; ice cubes, straps and bounds. It is important to stress that tie and tease massages require a serious amount of trust between giver and receiver, which separates it from a BSDM or bondage type experience.

The majority of tie and tease massages will also include a full body to body rubdown afterwards in which the therapist will press their entire body against yours causing friction and pleasing results.

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