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Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage London

The Nuru Massage is a therapy massage, that refers to a body to body massage, performed between a man and a woman, with a gel solution which is called Nuru gel, a very slippery gel originated from Nori deep water seaweed from Japan. The person who is above, must slide his or her body, along the body of the person that is laying, to massage the muscles and relieve stress. Often the two roles are switched for a better experience and an improved therapy massage for both partners.

During the therapy massage, one person lubricates herself and uses the entire body to give the other person a unique and really unforgettable experience.

The Nuru Massage differs from the normal massage due the fact that the Nuru oil is tasteless, odorless, skin moisturizer and does not stain the garments.

This kind of therapy is practiced in many countries, for different reasons. Some of them are: relaxing after a hard day at work, increasing orgasm experience and discovering different levels of ecstasy.

The Nuru Massage Oil

Before getting started, the Nuru oil must be kept in a sink full of warm water for a few minutes so that it reaches a desired temperature and after that, combined with a small amount of water until it reaches a desired consistency.

As well as other types of erotic massages, nuru massage is a perfect way to relax and enjoy quality time.

In conclusion, the London Nuru Massage helps people who are in a stressful situation or just in need of a better relaxation therapy massage.

What a fantastic slippery nuru massage in London!

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