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Prostate Massage London

Tantric massage considers the prostate gland the emotional sex center for a man.Prostate massages can be utilized for male sexual stimulation. They are commonly referred to as the “male g-spot”.

A regular prostate massage can reduce the risk of prostatitis, prostate cancer, genital pain, symptoms’ of erectile dysfunction and frequent nighttime urination. Additionally it has been proved to increase seminal fluid and circulation. In the long term it is well worth it.

When stimulated it is said that the orgasm experienced is similar to that of a female orgasm which intensity cannot be attained by standard penile ejaculation.

When rubbed the prostate mirrors the reflex that is felt when a man normally feels during ejaculation, this is due to the fact that the prostate begins pumping semen. Additionally the anus itself is an incredibly sensitive pathway with receptive nerve endings that can produce a pleasurable sensation for the receiver.

Over one third of the penis is actually buried inside the body, it is the base of the penis that may also be pressured to recreate and heighten sexual experience.

It is often said the receiver of prostate massage experiences a psychological high, as males are naturally a more dominate position, the placing of himself into an uncertain and submissive role gives the giver a sense of power and also allows the male to experience sexual stimulation from an opposing view.

Both the reciver and giver of prostate massage should be absolutely clean. It is also advised that the giver or therapist use latex gloves and a lubricant to ease their way through the process. Throughout the process, eye contact can increase the sexual element to the proceedings.

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