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Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage London

A sensual massage is the use of hands and body to stimulate touch of a recipient. It relaxes and also excites the recipient and can be used by couples to improve sexual relations and grow trust between partners.

This type of massage can be extended back to Eastern cultures such as China and India almost 2000 years ago. The spiritual awakening and physicality of massage play an important role in healthy sexual relations and an escape from every-day stress.

Sensual massage is based upon the idea that one person is fully giving something to another person, absolute selflessness with the sole intention of pleasing the recipient. Sensual massages can be highly romantic and relaxing as erotic techniques are employed to stimulate the receiver.

Relaxing music, dim-lighting, candles and refreshing fragrances are used to make the recipient feel at ease and completely comfortable in their surroundings.

How the sensual massage works

Usually the recipient is face down to the table with a towel around the midrift. Warm oil will be applied to warm up body tissues in order to warm up the tissues before tight or stressed parts of the body can be worked out.

The therapist will then most likely move towards the lower back and legs, continuing to use a stimulating, soft and relaxing touch to work away your troubles. Then the shoulders, neck and arms are focused on and the scalp and feet are additional areas of concentration than can be stimulated to remove stress and tension.

The benefits of sensual massage in London include a heightened sexual repertoire, lower blood pressure, relief from aches and pains. Reduced levels of cortisol (stress hormones). Additionally an increased sexual libido and greater immune function over time.

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