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Soapy Massage

Soapy Massage London

These styles of massage usually begin with a sensual bathing experience much like the ritualistic bathing process. The sensual experience of having soaps and oils being worked around your body will wash away all the stresses of the day away. As the two of you will be naked you will be sharing this penultimate sexual experience together.

What happens in a soapy massage?

Your masseuse will proceed to caress your body, holding you close whilst applying soothing, refreshing pressure to areas you couldn’t even imagine.

After you have been cleansed with warm soapy water your masseuse will proceed to dry your body with warm towels to ready you for a truly tantric experience.

Your masseuse will then lead you into a separate room and perform an intimate tantric massage with both of you still being fresh from your regal bath.

The room will be decorated with soft lighting and relaxing music. Pleasant, fresh fragrances will circulate the room as the soothing music combined with the expert touch of your therapist will enhance the already sexual experience.

Your entire body still moist from the bath they will begin to rub their torso and legs against yours. They will glide and ride you until you are left breathless, using their expert hands they will awaken your senses and bring you to the point of ecstasy and bring you back down only to take you up again. Every groove, ridge and crevice of your body will be explored and left tingling, shuddering with excitement and joy.

The combination of a soft soapy massage in London with an erotic full body glide will render you totally satisfied.

Wow! the best soapy massage I’ve had outside of Thailand!

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