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Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage London

Practiced for a long time, about 9000 years, tantric massage is a therapy based on the believes that sexual massage is the best way to achive the highest level of ecstasy. Among the main benefits of tantric massage, you can find improving your breathing, emotional healing, experiencing a high amount of pleasure, becoming self-aware, fighting stress and many more.

Tantric massage has been used for medical purposes for a very long time., but you can as well benefit from easily overcoming your inhibitions. These things will not happen over night, it will happen gradually and you might need more therapy sessions.The erotic massage can be performed by more than 1 women at the same time. It’s a therapy form that can be used by anyone at any time. Tantric massage can be combined with many conventional massage techniques, as therapeutic massage for the back or any other side o the body you would need. Tantric massage is the best therapy for the spiritual healing.

The inner Tantra experience

Contrary to people beliefs, tantra is not a sexual activity, it is an inner experience, which you can enjoy fully with the help of a therapist, and get your energy levels restored. The mental and physical state of the body will last for the entire day, or even longer. It is an experience which you will never forget. Tantric massages is provided by professionals, and if it is done by a true therapist it will bring you full relaxation and harmony of the body and mind.

The word „Tantra” means „Growth”. The tantric therapy teaches you a positive manner, and it teaches you to be positive in life, overcoming any source of stress and problems. Among the advantages of healing body pain, emotional traumas that a person would have for the rest of their life, can be eased, and even completely solved. Tantra therapy is the best way to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

It unblocks your energy to heal yourself and achieve a high level of ecstasy. Another interesting fact about this form of therapy is that you will never have two tantra massage alike. You will always feel relaxed, at peace and happy and you will definitely enjoy every minute of it. The idea of tantra massage is to awake the seven energy centers also known as chakras, and once they are released the entire energy will flow through your entire body. It is an experience that no one should miss.

This is for sure the best tantra experience to be had in London!

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