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Tantric Massage London

“Tantra” from its Sanskrit origins translates to “expand, show” or “put forth”. It is believed that Kundalini-a mythological energy that lies in the base of the spinal cord- is where this Kundalini originates. Tantric massage is then the release of this powerful energy across the entire nervous system using stimulating touching and connection.

No two tantric massages are alike. Unlike other traditional and other respective forms of massage there is no mechanical approach to its method. Tantric massage therapists look to awaken the energy centers of the body by gentle persuading the Kundalini from its resting place.

One of the major impacts of tantric massage on a person’s body is the immensely powerful sexual arousal it creates. Both the giving and receiving tantric massage require a certain amount of intimacy and closeness that really allow the chakra energy building techniques to fully immerse the body.

Tantric massages are also beneficial to a person’s health. They can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase blood flow. They can also alleviate physical pain and help build confidence in an individual and empower both giver and receiver through a shared experience.

It’s crucial to understand that certain breathing techniques must be abided by when tantric massages are being performed to fully utilize the benefits of the practice. These specific breathing techniques are called “pranayamas” and they allow the recipient of the massage to move energy flow from one part of the body to another, ultimately making the massage more effective and pleasurable. It is also a good teaching method to experience self-discipline, control and confidence.

Tantric massage and Kundalini awakening techniques are extremely personalized and alter for each individual, it is crucial to trust your therapist, build a trust in order to fully gain from a tantric massage experience.

Tantric Massage Rituals

Tantric massage is a fluid methodology that becomes actuated within ritual. It is said that ritual in fact heightens the experience and allows for further initiation or preparation to the path of ultimate ecstasy.

Breathing Work- The orgasmic breath process, by carefully monitoring and systematically breathing in unison partners can share and contribute to a heightened sense of full orgasm as energy pathways are opened and powerful purification of the body can begin.

Quite simply, correct breathing technique can allow for more oxygen to circulate the body which leads to healthier blood flow and inevitably a healthier, happier and more relaxed person.

Bubble Bath ritual- this ceremony is sacred and crucial to the tantric rituals process. The idea of a bathing ceremony is that it washes away the illusion that we are anything less than the divine self that we are and the water and immersion within it allows us to fully utilize the recognition that we are wholly and totally divine ourselves.

Surrounded by a sanctuary of flowers, essential oils, warm soothing water and candles the bath quickly takes on this ceremony idea. The disrobing of your clothing is in correlation to the idea that you are shedding this cloak of illusion to reveal this divine element that is yourself.

Usually you will have a spiritual, ‘guide’ aiding you throughout this replenishing and revitalizing journey. Their goal is to fully relax you and make you feel entirely comfortable by; rubbing your feet, legs, inner thighs. The aim of a bubble bath is to not over saturate the skin but prepare it for the massage ahead.

Awakening the senses- In order to fully awaken the senses and reach the fastest path to enlightenment-tantric massage requires a certain level of alertness or heightened sense of presence. The main way in which tantric massage does this is by incorporating taboos (Hindu religious taboos) in the form of five makara’s including; meat, sex and mild aphrodisiac (similar to wine) the choosing against the norms lead to dogmas which become our individual choices.

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