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Win Win

Win Win Massage (Mutual Massage)

Tantric massage is a sensuous, healing massage that’s origins date back to ancient India, using the healing power of touch, tantric erotic massage engages all of the body’s senses in bringing two people together. This goes lengths to strengthen a relationship and adds spice and flavour to a relationship.

Using tantric massage you begin to learn about each other’s bodies and how you can best please each other. Sexual energy is a life-force and tantric massage is the way you can access this powerful energy.

Tantric massage is a powerful method of healing the body and can help individuals overcome sexual problems or even intimacy issues. Tantric massage brings forth notions of closeness and ultimate trust that create a strong bond between two tantric partners.

Our emotions have a powerful correlation to how we interact with people, especially in an intimate sense using Tantric massage we can overcome painful experiences and ultimately bring two people close together.

Why mutual massage can be so beneficial

A mutual massage is an excellent way to explore each other’s bodies and heighten Tantric experience. Usually the best way is having two people sit cross-legged facing each other. It is advised that in the initial stage each individual take it in turn to touch the other person for around 10-15 minutes at a time.

Focus should then be shifted onto the genitals and a female partner will begin to perform a Lingam massage on the male. Eye contact is crucial throughout the entire Tantric massage.

The female partner will have more control in a mutual massage as she controls when the male ejaculates, he can do this only once in the session.

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