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Yoni Massage

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Yoni Massage London

The word yoni (Yo-Nee) originates in Ancient Sanskrit and means vagina. The literal translation, however, stands for “the sacred place or a temple”. In Tantric science, the vagina is seen as a sacred part of a female body, a place of worship that is to be treated with respect and care. The aim of Yoni massage is to connect the receiver with their inner sensual nature, to build a trusting relationship between the giver and receiver, with the later experiencing a state of fulfilment and satisfaction, which is seen as a natural part of an overall wellbeing of a woman. An orgasm, however, is not the sole purpose of Yoni massage. Through the stimulation, the giver of Yoni technique aims to bring to the surface the inner emotions hidden inside of a woman. As a result, the experiences that women feel during the procedure can range from anger to sadness, and even indifference, – all are welcome by Yoni. As the main idea of Yoni massage is to bring out the sensual nature of a woman, respect her natural femininity and honour a Divine Goddess in her.

Yoni massage is perhaps one of the most sensual and pleasurable massages to both receive and give. Both males and females can benefit from Yoni massage by mutual admiration and enjoyment. Men can learn and become familiar with the bodies of women by exploring the multitude of ways to touch a woman to create maximum satisfaction whilst gaining a one of a kind trust a bond simultaneously.

Yoni massage is dedicated to allowing men to learn about the vagina. The goal of Yoni massage is not achieve orgasm, orgasm is of course pleasant and a welcome effect of Yoni massage but it is not the sole purpose. Its purpose is to provide love, warmth and respect to the female allowing for an empowered sense of being and state of fine.

The giver will gently massage the legs, abdomen and breasts to circulate the stimulation and not focus solely on the Yoni. Warm oil will be applied caressed and spread around the body.

The legs, thighs, abdomen, breasts will all be massaged, cupped and caressed all in preparation for the touching of the Yoni.

Yoni massages could last for only a few minutes or up to several hours. Both the giver and receiver of a Yoni massage will feel an array of emotional and physical stimulus and will need adjustment and time to fully appreciate and decompress from the experience.

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